Jay Jones’ July Journal

(Editor is responsible for corny title)

Carol and I returned from the 104th Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal earlier this month.  This was our first International Convention and it lived up to its hype. 

Jones 2013-2

There were four pavilions side-by-side with a fifth pavilion at the end.  The first four pavilions could each easily contain a football field and the fifth pavilion was a large covered arena called the Atlántico Pavilion.  It was used for the daily plenary sessions which included speeches by our top Rotary leaders, entertainment provided by internationally known groups, and motivational and inspirational talks by people like Dr. Jane Goodall; Jacques Cousteau’s daughter, Céline; Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder of Free the Children and Me to We; Dr. Bruce Alyward, Deputy Director of the World Health Organization, and others.

Two pavilions were used for the House of Friendship.  These provided an opportunity to learn about Rotary Fellowships (Did you know there is a Rotary Fellowship for just about every kind of interest you could have?), learn about and register for the next RI Convention in Sydney, Australia, obtain current RI literature and resources, make a contribution to The Rotary Foundation, concessions, and a place to just meet and chat with fellow Rotarians from around the globe.

Jones 2013

One pavilion housed administrative functions such as Convention Registration, Hotel Assistance, Transportation Information, and several other offices to assist attendees enjoy their convention experience even more.  The other pavilion was for luncheon events, networking group meetings, and breakout sessions.  I counted 83 breakout sessions in the Convention Program.  They were going on all day, every day and covered a host of topics of importance to Rotarians.

Carol and I are very thankful we had this wonderful opportunity and it will live in our memories for years to come.  It was an inspiring event which certainly pumped me up to return to Arizona and lead our district into 2013-14.

On July 20, we held our annual Governor/Interact Leaders/District Committee/AGs/Club Presidents Inauguration.  I feel it was fairly well attended.  Of course, as with any event, there were Rotarians that were unable to attend and participate for a variety of reasons.  I believe those that did attend enjoyed themselves and had to be inspired by the quality of the leadership at all levels of the district who stated that they would faithfully execute their respective offices and fulfill the responsibilities of their offices to the best of their ability. You can see in the photos that we all had  a great time – young and seasoned, new faces in 5510 and the more familiar ones alike.

Our district is indeed fortunate to have so many high quality leaders at every level.  There is always room for more people who are interested in serving at the district-level.  If you are a Rotarian in good standing in your club and are interested in helping out, make your interest known through your Club President, AG, or directly to me.  We’re always on the lookout for strong, motivated leaders in a variety of areas.