As the Rotary World Turns!

Sherry Mischel

The new year finds District 5510 looking at an exciting future full of opportunity and a chance to dramatically improve service to our clubs along with increasing the depth of our leadership.  This will be accomplished by the consolidation of Districts 5490 and 5510 on July 1, 2017.

The proposal has been sent out to the clubs for their review and approval (click here

Formal Proposal (168.9 KiB, 22 downloads)
 to download the Formal Proposal).  Both districts have struggled to fill committee vacancies, some left open year after year.  We have several programs in need of help, but no one is stepping up to assist.  By merging districts, we can combine some programs and increase the level of help for others.  We can provide increased services to our clubs by having more people able and willing to volunteer at the district level.

District 5510 has had a membership problem for a number of years.  We have been on a roller coaster ride—up and down in the past few years.  Below 1100 membership puts a district on notice with RI.  We have been there since July 2014 when we dropped to 1080. We were briefly above 1100 in 2015, but dropped to 1085 on July 1, 2015.  As of January 2016, we stand at 1081.  Where do we go from here?  With the merger of our two districts, we will have 73 clubs and around 2400 members.  This is considered an ideal District size according to RI Code of Policies.  We will  have a more effective district with more people and more clubs.

Change is never easy!  Let’s do what is best for Rotary in Arizona!  Let’s think outside the box and figure out how best to make this work!

Yours in Rotary,

DG Sherry


Join the Next Big United Food Bank Project

The Why and How of Arizona Food Banks
United Food Bank (UFB) is one of four (4) major food banks in Arizona that supply more than half of the food distributed by the 1,000+ pantries and meal programs in our state. The major food banks also directly supply many schools, homeless meal programs and first responders.


Food insecurity within UFB’s service area affects 225,598 individuals including 93,525 Children and 84,493 households. That’s something like 1 in 4 children and 1 in 5 adults including 1 in 7 seniors. UFB supports 200+ community partners and 280+ hunger relief programs, and provides 500,000+ emergency food boxes. Overall, UFB distributed approximately 21 million pounds of food last year.

More than 60% of the food received by these major food banks is from large grocery chains (Costco, Basha’s, Safeway etc.) The rest comes from food drives, restaurants and individuals. Food from drives, restaurants and individuals must be inspected, sorted and packed ready for pantry pick up and direct distribution to needy families.

UFB’s service area overlaps D5510. FYI St Mary’s Food Bank’s service area is similar to D5490, and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and Yuma Community Food Bank mostly serve D5500’s area.

Why Rotary?
• Service – Every club needs local COMMUNITY SERVICE projects.
• Service – UFB NEEDS OUR HELP TO supply food for 51,000 meals/day.
• Recruiting – This multigenerational project is family friendly and attractive to the age group we most need to attract.
• Recruiting – There is no better RECRUITING EVENT to introduce others to Rotary than a major hands-on service project!
• Fellowship – What better FELLOWSHIP than working with Rotarians on a worthwhile and COMPLETELY ARRANGED service project.
• Publicity – Your club will be more visible and attractive by participating in this LARGE LOCAL community project.
• No cost – Yep, NO COST. And snacks and drinks are provided!

Experience This
Thirty (30) volunteers and friends from the Kyrene, Camelback Crossroads, Tempe South, Chandler Horizon, Rio Salado, Tempe Downtown and Squaw Peak Rotary Clubs inspected and sorted 6 tons of food at the United Food Bank (UFB) on December 12. This food will provide nearly 10,000 meals when distributed to needing families in the East Valley and Eastern Arizona. That’s 327 meals per volunteer!
See us in action at:

Following brief training by UFB staff and an hour of on-the-job improvement, the large mutigenerational Rotary crew became quite proficient at inspecting and sorting a jumble of donated food items into about 30 categories (vegetables, fruit, starches, Etc.), recognizing unsafe cans, and weighing and palletizing the cartons of sorted food ready for distribution to pantries.

Join in the next project!
> Maximum number of volunteers is 35 – Don’t wait! Great fun!
> Designate club community service chair or a project chair to coordinate.
> Send email to Harry <> or call 480-236-3960.
> Put next project on club calendar March 12, 2016, 8 am to noon.

Rotary Serving Humanity

Theme 16-17

By DGE, Tonya Watson

Impressive! That’s my one­word summary of the 2016 International Assembly we attended in January in San Diego. This jam­packed week of training was the annual gathering of District Governors­Elect (DGEs) from 530 Rotary districts worldwide. Based on my training sessions with these extremely sharp, fully­dedicated leaders across the globe, Rotary is in good hands!

One of the many inspiring moments was when RI President­elect John F. Germ announced “Rotary Serving Humanity” as his theme for 2016­17. Noting Rotary’s unique ability to bring together committed professionals to achieve remarkable goals, Germ believes that “now is the time to capitalize on our success: as we complete the eradication of polio, and catapult Rotary forward to be an even greater force for good in the world.”

Throughout the assembly we heard about projects around the world, all making tremendous changes in countless lives. Efforts including youth projects, clean water, literacy, maternal and child health, scholarships, polio immunizations ­­ in perfect concert with all we do here locally ­­ were truly inspirational! Indeed, Rotary IS serving humanity.

Rotary condemns deadly attack on Polio Security Personnel in Pakistan

Rotary International·Wednesday, January 13, 2016
Rotary members and our partners in the fight to eradicate polio offer our heartfelt condolences and express a deep sadness in the wake of a horrific bomb attack in Quetta, Pakistan, that took the lives of at least 15 security personnel today.

This attack outside a polio immunization center is a stark reminder of the dangers faced by Rotary, our partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative, and the brave women and men on the front lines of our effort to protect all children from the paralyzing effects of polio. While the bombing will be investigated, one thing is clear: The security personnel who were killed died because their job was to protect teams of polio immunizers. We applaud the government’s commitment to continue the vaccination campaign throughout Pakistan, which is one of only two countries where the polio virus is still endemic.


Today we pause to honor the sacrifice made by the heroic police officers killed. Yet our 30-year commitment to end polio remains steadfast. Even as we absorb the horror of this bombing, we are redoubling our efforts to educate families and build confidence in the safety of polio vaccines, and to engage community and religious leaders to support our campaign.

We are closer than ever to achieving a polio-free world. Vast improvements have been seen in Pakistan, with more than 80 percent fewer cases in the country than in 2014. In order to stop polio in Pakistan in 2016, we must ensure the safety of vaccinators to reach every child.

And today, our release of $35 million in grants for polio eradication signals our determination to finish the job to which thousands of courageous individuals have committed themselves, and to never forget the sacrifices made by those who lost their lives in this effort.

Rotary Global Rewards

The good you do comes back to you.
Rotary’s new member benefits program gives Rotary members access to discounts on a variety of products and services selected with their interests in mind.

Explore rewards
Rotary Global Rewards offers discounts on car rentals, hotels, dining, and entertainment. More products and services from companies around the world will be added throughout the year. Check back often to see what’s new in Rotary Global Rewards.

How it works
Anyone can view the offers and discounts on Rotary Global Rewards. But only Rotary club members who are signed in to their My Rotary accounts can redeem them. You can access and redeem rewards from your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Create a My Rotary account now to take advantage of the new member benefits program. If you need help creating an account, see the How to Create a My Rotary Account quick guide (PDF).

Rotary support
For questions related to a specific offer, please contact the company directly using the contact information in the offer. If you’re unable to resolve the issue with the company, please tell us so we can troubleshoot the problem. Select the flagged link under Claim Offer.

Still have questions? Contact us so we can help.

Who cares about PETS?


Is that a crazy question to lead with? Not if it gets you to read on.

PETS – Presidents Elect Training Seminar is happening on March 3-5, 2016 at the Phoenix East/Mesa Hilton. It is a worldwide requirement for all Presidents taking office 7/1/16 including the 34 PEs in our district. All President Nominees (taking office 7/1/17) are strongly urged to attend their own simultaneous training designed to lead them to success. Register now with this link: PETS2016

But what about everyone else? This event draws 250+ people with and its chock full of exhibits, vendors, excitement and interesting keynote speakers. Rotary networking and camaraderie are at a fevered pitch.

You, yes you, should come to one of the general knowledge events within the PETS agenda. They are Helping Arizona Shine and RLI: Rotary Leadership Institute, Learn more and register here: PETS2016

FRIDAY, March 4th
Beyond the main emphasis for Presidents Elect and Nominees, is the second track called Helping Arizona Shine, and it begins at 9 a.m. (visit the check-in table prior) and concludes at 3 p.m. At lunch everyone gathers together and welcomes our RI Director Brad Howard as our speaker. Keep in mind, Presidents-Elect and Presidents-Nominee will not be able to attend Helping Arizona Shine. It is designed for other club leaders and members. Here’s the concept:

Rotary was founded on the idea that support of differing vocations combined with fellowship would enhance the individual Rotarian’s professional and personal lives. Vocational diversity enriches clubs, and is a conduit for membership. Our public image enhances membership, and it affects our ability to impact and recruit diverse vocations. In recent practice, each of these areas – membership, public image, vocational service – has functioned on its own within a club. However, we instinctively know, these areas are deeply connected to one another. At the 2016 Arizona Tri-District PETS, we will provide a meeting space for club leaders in each of these three areas (membership, public image, vocational service) to come together to learn about an integrated approach with their clubs. It will be an innovative session with both information and inspiration.

So, yes, it is YOU who is the perfect attendee of Helping Arizona Shine. Anyone who is involved with club membership, our public image or interested in vocational service will find this valuable. If your club doesn’t not have these committees, be sure to encourage some fresh faces from your club who can learn more about how integrated all of our club activities truly are.

SATURDAY, March 5th

tri district leadership academy

The second track on Saturday is the Rotary Leadership Institute. RLI is a leadership development program designed to provide Rotary knowledge and to develop the leadership skills needed for voluntary organizations. Any Rotarian may attend RLI Session 1, 2 or 3 for $55. It begins at 9:20 a.m. (visit check-in table prior), includes lunch, and ends at 4:15 p.m. Clubs may send as many members to these RLI sessions as they wish! Register now: PETS2016

Growing your Club

Gary Whiting, our District Membership Chair, ask me to write an article about our success in growing Rim Country Rotary here is Payson. We’ve inducted seven new members since July 1st;

Mike and Mary Wilson, Helen Gibson, Dennis Dueker, Scott Jones, Madeline Burns and Gary Tackett. Mike is a retired mechanical engineer and Mary is a Realtor, and was the top producer in her office in 2015. Helen is the advertising manager at KMOG radio here in Payson; unfortunately Helen is moving to Hawaii soon and we’ll really miss her. Dennis Dueker is a retired executive. He and his wife Kathy have Dueker Ranch and are doing horse therapy with special needs kids, free of charge. To help support Dueker Ranch, Dennis works at the Payson Airport. Scott is the local manager of APS here in Payson. Madeline is a retired banker, was a member of Rim Country Rotary, moved away and now is back with us. Gary is the advertising manager for the Payson Roundup, our local, twice a week, newspaper. With this kind of growth, you’d expect that we have some secret formula for growing our club, but unfortunately we don’t. What I can tell you is that we have a “vibrant” club; our weekly meetings are FUN! We have a great Sargent at Arms, Paul Bates, and our Happy Dollar time is great entertainment. We often short our speakers on their time because we have so much fun with Happy Dollars. I wish that I had a secret to share with you, but just keep inviting and have FUN. While we’re all about Service Above Self, we really need to have fun and it becomes infectious.

Dennis C. Hoeger, President
Rim Country Rotary – Payson