Charter Day for Benedictine University Rotaract Club

Today marked the Charter Day for the Rotaract Club at Benedictine University in Mesa, AZ.  Sponsored by the Mesa Rotary Club, the Benedictine Rotaract club boasts 32 members.

The charter was presented to the Rotaract Club President, Lesley Herrera by Mesa Rotary Club President, Pat Esparza.

Pictured at the presentation are Victor Chavez, Vice-President Benedictine Rotaract Club; Pat Esparza, President of Mesa Rotary Club; Miranda Sevilla, Secretary of the Rotaract Club; Lesley Herrera, President of the Benedictine University Rotaract Club; District 5510 Governor John Pennypacker; and Kevin Broecking, Advisor to the Benedictine Rotaract Club.

rotaract charter club

News Flash! Calling All Rotarians!!!

Last chance for some important training before the new Rotary year—District Assembly, April 25 at Scottsdale Community College or May 2 in Payson.  This is a great opportunity for the incoming president, his or her board and any other interested Rotarians, to come together and hear about exciting programs and projects on “Helping people to help themselves”, “Unraveling the mystery of the Rotary Foundation” and listening to our future leaders, the Youth!

Also on tap, is special training for treasurers and secretaries—hear all about the most recent rules for Rotary clubs!  Keep your club out of trouble with the IRS.   All secretaries and other interested parties, have an opportunity to get hands on experience in a computer lab—learn all about DaCdb, District and RI websites, My Rotary, how to navigate Rotary Club Central, put in goals, and how to manage data of your club!

In the afternoon, we will present a very special program, entitled “A New Focus on Membership”.  You do not want to miss this!  Membership is everyone’s responsibility!  Get some fresh ideas on how to not only recruit, but engage and retain!

Register under “Upcoming Events” on District website! Any questions, contact Sherry Mischel,, or 602-510-3339


Rotary Year 2014 – 2015 at the ¾ Mark

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We have come a long way so far this year, but, as the saying goes, it ain’t over till the lady sings the aria at the finale.

However, I would suggest we look at this year as just the beginning of better things to come. Our Membership is growing, our Foundation giving is increasing each month, and POLIO is getting ever closer to eradication.

So where do we stand today? During March 8 new Rotarians were inducted bringing our total of new members to 146. Unfortunately, this only gave us a net increase of 2 for a total membership in the district of 1128. It is easily conceivable that we could reach a total of 1150 members by the end of June. To do that we must all do our best to continue to Recruit new members, but more importantly, we must strive to Retain all the members that we can.

Talk this up in your clubs and get folks excited about what your club is doing. Encourage folks to invite prospective members to engage with your current members on a project. Ask them what they would like to do upon joining your club.

Do you know the names of all the new members in your club?

Don’t just sit there and expect your Membership Chair or Club President to do all the recruiting. Membership is everybody’s business. Do your part.

As the title to this article suggests, we are at the ¾ mark for our Rotary year. That begs the question of where do we stand in terms of giving to The Rotary Foundation. The good news is we are also at 75% of our Foundation goal for giving to the Annual Fund. As a district we have not hit this high a percentage at this time of year in quite some time.

District Grants have been a hot topic in many clubs recently. It seems more clubs are interested in doing projects locally and want to use their money from District Grants to fund those projects. To expand these endeavors, the giving to the Annual Fund must continue to grow.

As I stated this is the good news. The rest of the news is only 53% of your fellow Rotarians are giving to the Annual Fund. Can you just imagine how many, and hopefully, larger local, projects our clubs could do if Every Rotarian Every Year gave to the Annual Fund of The Rotary Foundation.

We all want to do more, we are doing more, but we all know we can do even more when we all give to the Annual Fund.

Polio Eradication
We are gaining traction, but this is the low season. Pakistan continues to be a focal point with 11 new cases reported in the last month. Still this total is less than the 40 cases reported at this time last year. Afghanistan has had only 1 case reported – very encouraging.

The most encouraging news is from Nigeria. No cases have been reported since July 24, 2014. We are very close to getting the job done there, but it will take 3 more years of monitoring and continued immunizations to declare this country, and the continent of Africa, Polio free.

If you would like to follow the progress of the Polio Eradication Initiative, go to and click on data and monitoring, and then click on polio this week. You can see the statistics and read the summaries for each country.

And for the record clubs in our district have contributed over $27,000 to help fight this dreaded disease. Don’t stop.

District Conference 15
Your district conference is just around the corner. Check out the flyer and registration on our district website. Registration is straightforward and easy to follow. Many of you have already registered. Don’t be a procrastinator, do it today.

I am looking forward to seeing ALL of our district clubs represented there. I have already received several District Achievement Award packets and am excited to recognize these clubs. Has your club submitted for the DAA yet?

The theme of this year’s conference is Ethics and Patriotism. Our youth programs will be well represented. This is always a high note at any conference. We will also have an interactive “Ethics” exercise for all to participate.

This year for the first time in quite a number of years, we will also be conducting the Presidential Inaugurations for all new club Presidents. Don’t miss this and join in the fun as you show off your Super Hero costume at the Friday night hospitality suites.

Here is the link for registration:

Rotary Club of Four Peaks named ‘Non-Profit of the Year’

The Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce recently awarded the Rotary Club of Four Peaks, as Non-Profit of the Year. The club won the award due to it’s engaging, innovative and enriching local and international accomplishments. (see photo of Club board members Roger Riggert and Paul Perrault receiving the award)

Flags for our Fallen 2014

Just to name a few Club accomplishments from 2014; under the leadership of President Bill Beamish was the initiation of “Flags for our Fallen”, a tribute to our most recent men and women lost in war. More than 2,400 US Flags was on display in famous Fountain Park on Memorial Day from Sunrise to Sunset. Each State was individually represented by a sign that named each service person lost from that State. More than 75 volunteers helped to prepare and dismantle the display that was enjoyed and cherished by thousands.

Internationally, the Club continues to grow in it’s hands on and financial support of Casa Esperanza Orphanage in Hermosillo Mexico. In 2014 the club sent 14 volunteers to beautify the Orphanage that serves more than 40 youth. Volunteers drove 8 hours each way and worked for multiple days to improve the facilities. The club also enjoyed taking the 40 plus kids and adult staff out to eat. On the final day the Orphanage fed the volunteers a homemade Mexican meal that was enjoyed together. The effort and impact on the kids served by the Orphanage was huge, but the impact to the clubs volunteers was priceless. Two of the Club’s members are also trained Clowns, they thoroughly entertained the entire Casa Esparanza Orphanage with magic and comedy, the kids and adults loved the performance.

In the area of fundraising the Four Peaks Rotary club is known for it’s generosity and work ethic. The club has several fundraisers

Four Peaks Rotary at Casa Esparanza Orphanage 2014

annually; one is the Four Peaks Rotary Clubs Charity Golf Tournament held in March. This prime-time tournament is well known for it’s quality operation and experience for it’s golfers, but it does it’s best work thorough raising more than $25,000 for our Club’s Foundation and giving committee direction. Another way our club continues to raise funds it through volunteers picking up trash twice a year at the Fountain Hills Art Festivals that bring 200,000 people to our community. With that many people and food booths there is a lot of trash and our club is trusted to manage the refuse. This effort by our volunteers raises thousands of dollars annually for our Foundation.

Previously the Four Peaks Rotary Club was the lead on the Creation, Funding, Construction and Dedication to our Town’s “Rotary Splash Park” located in Fountain Park. This Park amenity is enjoyed by thousands of youngsters every year. The effort was made more successful by partnering with the Fountain Hills Rotary Club and the Town of Fountain Hills.

Rotary Splash Park

Four Peaks Rotary also continues to recognize and support our local educators through the Monthly Teacher-of-the-Year award. Making a difference in the community, internationally and for each of our members are why this the club is growing in members and it’s positive exciting impacts locally and internationally.

New projects are on the drawing board all the time for this club, including the re-introduction of “Gravity-Fest” a multi day Soap Box Derby race for our kids.

Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce Video interview of Non-Profit of the Year winning Four Peaks Rotary Club’s President Bill Beamish

New Rotary bike rack installed

Bike Rack c
Rotary Club of Scottsdale members believe that biking is a great form of transportation and a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To support local bikers, the Rotarians, via their Rotary Club Foundation, have donated and installed a new bike rack for residents and visitors to use at City of Scottsdale’s Rotary Park, which is located at 7959 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Scottsdale. This stylish blue bike rack with Rotary International’s Rotary wheel logo, is an eye-catching, functional piece of street art. It welcomes people on bikes and provides them a secure, convenient place to park. For more information about Rotary Club of Scottsdale’s upcoming speakers, projects, programs and meeting dates/locations, visit