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No. This is NOT a rerun of a “Hollywood Movie”. This is what your District Governor has been screaming as I have visited several of the clubs throughout the district.

Last month I said, “Let’s Celebrate” as 23 new members had been inducted into Rotary Clubs in your district. Well, keep celebrating, as our membership will have grown by 44 since July 1st by the time you read this. Yes, we should celebrate our successes, but please know that only 19 clubs have reported these new members in their clubs.

Why is membership so important and why do I keep talking about this? Well, it is quite simple. Without members we cannot do the great things that Rotarians do. So I urge you to get friends, colleagues, family and business contacts ENGAGED in your club projects. Invite them to help you paint a fence, plant a tree, become a mentor at a school, become a host family or help with Rotary Youth Exchange, and any number of other club projects. Get them so involved with your projects that they ask how to join your club. Don’t just ask them to join your club, get them involved and then ask them to join. There is a Rotary Club for everyone – they are just waiting to be asked.

While we are on the subject, please read RI President Gary Huang’s message in the September edition of The Rotarian magazine. In it he calls your attention to the innovative and creative things our younger generations are doing. These young people are the future leaders in Rotary. Get involved with them and support them with Interact, RYLA, Rotoract and Youth Exchange. There is something there for all of us – so get going and do it now. You will not regret helping these young people and most likely, they will help you, too.

After you review RIP Gary’s message, please go to pages 29 – 30 and read about the New Invoicing Process. You have been hearing about it since PETS in March 2014 and it will be in your email in January 2015. Club Presidents, Secretaries, and Treasurers need to pay particular attention to it.

The whole focus of this new invoicing is current and accurate membership reporting. We have a great system in DaCdb for adding new members to our clubs. Please try to update your club membership roster as soon as you induct a new member. And don’t forget to make the induction special for each member. Invite their families to join in the process, include their sponsor and make the new member feel special and welcomed by all in the club. Your clubs are terrific – now make them growing and more vibrant then they already are.

Along with that it is equally important to enter your club goals in Rotary Club Central. However, it seems only 19 clubs have found the time to do this. If you do not know how or think it is too confusing – help is just a phone call away. Call your AG, call me, call DGE Sherry, or call DGN Tonya. Believe it or not, but we can actually help you. We all recognize it may not be as intuitive as we might like, but please persevere as this system is designed to help you and ease the administrative burden of caring for your members.

Club Membership goals and club Foundation Giving goals are the 2 key goals which enable us to properly plan events and help with Grants, Training and Projects in the district. Again, help in completing these elements is only a phone call away.

Assistant Governors, I am challenging you especially to help your clubs accomplish these goal entries. I fully believe that once these goals are set, clubs will strive to achieve and possibly exceed them. And when they do succeed, who wins? We all do.

Polio Update as of August 2014








Polio cases reported past week globally : 3 Wild Polio Virus
Nigeria – 1, Pakistan – 2
Polio Case Status – Globally as on August 27, 2014

Total Cases Year-to-date 2014 Year-to-date 2013 Total in 2013
Globally 149 214 416
-in endemic countries 131 72 160
-in non-endemic countries 18 142 256

Case breakdown by country
Countries Year-to-date 2014 Year – to date 2013 Total in 2013 Date of most recent case
Total Total
Pakistan 117 25 93 30-Jul-14
Nigeria 6 43 53 24-Jul -14
Afghanistan 8 4 14 17-Jun-14
Equatorial Guinea 5 0 0 3-May-14
Iraq 2 0 0 07-Apr-14
Cameroon 5 0 4 9-Jul-14
Syria 1 0 35 21-Jan-14
Ethiopia 1 0 9 05-Jan-14
Somalia 4 128 194 03-Jun-14
Kenya 0 13 14 14-Jul-13
Total 149 214 416

India – Polio status
Year 2005 = 66 wild Polio cases
Year 2006 = 676 wild Polio cases
Year 2007 = 874 wild Polio cases
Year 2008 = 559 wild Polio cases
Year 2009 = 741 wild Polio cases
Year 2010 = 42 wild Polio cases
Year 2011 = 01 wild Polio case
Year 2012 -2014 = NO CASE
Last case reported in Uttar Pradesh = P-3 with onset on 21 April 2010
Last case reported in Bihar = P-1 with onset on 1 September 2010
Last Case reported in India in West Bengal = P-1 with onset on 13 January 2011

Mexican/American Grants Conference and Friendship Exchange ‘14

Cuernavaca, Mexico

Rotary Nepopualco Water Tank 6

Cuernavaca is a quick one-hour drive from Mexico City. It is positioned on the South-facing slope of the volcano ring and daytime temperatures average about 75 degrees pretty much year-round. The semi-tropical capital of the state of Morelos has a population of more than 3 million but somehow it retains a small-town feel.

Our districts have done a good number of projects with clubs in Cuernavaca. But one of my cherished conference memories revolves around a sanitary water project we did with Prescott Rotary’s sister club C.R. Tabachines. A short distance up the mountainside from Cuernavaca is a small, mostly indigenous village called Nepopualco. The Tabachines club previously set up a micro-credit bank that was providing funds for building low-cost housing for the poorest inhabitants of the village. The bank was interestingly run exclusively by village women. Because of the village’s geographic position, water wells were impossible to drill and the municipality had no local water system. Potable water was provided by truck.

The village inhabitants were buying their water from the truck and storing it often in garbage pails, five gallon buckets and any other containers available to them. The Rotarians at the Tabachines club thought there had to be a better way. We agreed and applied for a matching grant to provide new 500-gallon cisterns the residents could use to buy greater volumes of water at reduced prices and store the water in sanitary conditions. Plus, water catchment placement systems were included for adding to the homes being built through the micro-credit bank. This was the first time I had participated in the Rotary matching grant process and it was exciting. Today we call these global grants.

If your club and its members are looking to get involved in the greater Rotary world, either by looking for an international project or finding an international partner for a local project, the USA Mexico Friendship Conference should be on your calendar: Oct 31-Nov 4th

Flights from Arizona are running $400.00 roundtrip direct. Home hosting will be provided for those that wish it. Stay extra days with your host and really see this city and all it offers.

Tentative Schedule
1)Pick up at Mexico City airport on Thursday – transport to Cuernavaca (welcome & host family assignation)
2)Friday half day and lunch in Taxco – conference opening session during lunch (Probable)
3)Friday night Halloween Costume Party
4)Saturday morning Hands on Project
5)Saturday after noon lunch and project presentations, grants agreements.
6)Saturday evening visit to Ocotepec (Day of the dead celebrations)
7)Sunday morning project presentations, grants agreements.
8)Sunday lunch and afternoon closing of grants agreements.
9)Sunday night closing dinner
10)Monday morning transport to airport in Mexico City.

More information to follow in updates

THIS is the conference that will give your club the chance to partner in an international project and make so great Rotary friends…
October 30 to November 4, 2014. Contact Abe Feder at 602-622-7289, or