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  • New Rotarians Light Up Rotary

Last month we celebrated the induction of a total of 44 new Rotarians.  Well, keep the party going as we have now hit a total of 57 new Rotarians.  I want to congratulate the 20 clubs that have welcomed new Rotarians to their clubs. I am confident all 37 clubs will follow through on their goals and achieve a positive membership growth.

This is exactly what “Light Up Rotary” is all about.  Instead of sitting on your hands and doing nothing, you have engaged your members and recruited new ones.  Now the task is to get them involved and keep them involved. As I have conducted my official visits, it has been a real joy to witness and participate in the induction of new members.  Keep it Up! Our District Membership Committee, led by PDG Abe Feder, is ready to help you achieve your goals.

  • Ethics Seminar

On Saturday, September 27th an Ethics Seminar was conducted here in Phoenix.  Several Rotarians from our district participated in this initiative. This program has expanded with the intent of providing a guide in which Rotarians could build their own curriculum to meet the specific needs of Rotary projects, Clubs and Districts. The original emphasis was targeted for two Youth Services Programs (Interact and RYLA), but it soon became clear that the information and educational materials could be utilized throughout Rotary.

The critical core values of the Ethics Initiative focus on two groups: 1) six universal ethical values – trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship and 2) six practical values and attributes that help to accomplish goals and/or achieve success (service, friendship, goodwill, perseverance, moral courage, and self-discipline). For more information on this subject contact John Wintersteen, our District Ethics Officer.

  • Grand Canyon Trip

The Grand Canyon Trip,  scheduled for 9 – 12 October, is just around the corner.  This year the Exchange students from all 3 Arizona Districts will join Chuck Flint and other district leaders and youth in this exciting adventure to one of the Wonders of the World. There is still time to register, but do it NOW.  Call Chuck.

  • Mexican – American Conference and Friendship Exchange

Again this year District 5510 will be joining with other dedicated Rotarians from 5490, 5500 and Rotarians in Mexico to pursue Grants to be conducted in Mexico and Arizona. This Mexican – American Conference and Friendship Exchange will be conducted 30 October – 4 November in Cuernavaca, Mexico 

See:  For more information contact PDG Abe Feder

  • Tri-District Foundation Seminar

Our Tri-District Foundation leaders are promising an invigorating Foundation Day on 8 November. You will have the opportunity to engage in an Open forum, with John Osterlund, General Manager of TRF and Aaron Zeichner, from the Gates Foundation.  Additionally, there will be a session on Foundation 101  that will benefit more experienced and new Rotarians alike. There is also a session titled Painting with Maddie, which is an opportunity to show your painting skills along side a young girl who has talent and has polio.  Proceeds from this session will go to the Polio Eradication Campaign. 

These 3 sessions will run concurrently, so select the one you want when you register on line.  Lunch will be ready at noon.  We will then have presentations from our two keynote speakers, John Osterlund, General Manager of TRF and Aaron Zeichner, from the Gates Foundation. Show your support and come to learn more about The Rotary Foundation. And while you are at it, let’s start putting those contributions to the Annual Fund to work.  Don’t wait until the end of the year to submit – send them in now.

  • Fall Leadership Conference

Interactors and Rotaractors from all 3 Arizona Districts 5490, 5500 and 5510  will gather at ASU on 9 November for this conference.  Interact and Rotaract Leaders  from all  districts have been busy planning classes and activities.  Additionally, PDG Art Harrington is conducting a session for Faculty and Club Advisors to enable them to better serve these youth programs.  For more information, contact Youth Services Chair, John Wintersteen and Interact Chair, Howard Adams. Click here register or get more information

  •  President-Elect Training Seminar

Start thinking ahead now to have a President-Elect named and identified in the District database as soon as possible.  DGE Sherry Mischel is fully engaged in the “Revitalization” of the President-Elect Training Seminar (PETS), scheduled for 7 – 8 March 2015. It is critical and essential that all PEs be identified now so they will be on distribution for important training documents.

  • RI and District Dues

A good deal of emphasis has been placed on remittance of District and RI Dues the past two months.  I have been particularly adamant about this, not so much because of the funds involved, but more because of the change in the dues process beginning in January 2015. It will be critical to the invoicing process that the club membership rolls be current and accurate in December 2014. The total number of members at the end of December will be the basis of the invoice sent to each club in January.  The old SAR process is gone.  RI expects clubs to maintain current and accurate membership rolls.  There will be no negotiating the invoice after receipt by the club and payment will be due in 30 days.  So I urge you to be prepared.  Use the DaCdb  profile for your club and keep it up to date – especially during December 2014. More information on this will be provided as December approaches.



Enriching Lives with Vocation Skills

Take the Arizona state tax credit for the “working poor” by directing your donation to The Rotary Vocational Fund of Arizona (TRVFA).  Maximum credit of $400 for joint filers or $200 for individuals.  Don’t worry you’ll get it all back when you file your taxes next year.

Last year your tax credit donations to TRVFA enriched the lives of 62 individuals and their dependents with over $122,000 in vocational education grants.  Here’s a great example of how you’re enriched lives:

We recently followed up with Robyn, and were thrilled to hear what she had to say.

Robyn RN

“All is well over here.  I’ve worked for the same company since graduation, first in the hospice division and now in home health.  It’s a perfect fit for me.  I have the flexibility to make my own hours and work my schedule around my children’s schedules. I also get to visit with patients in their homes on a one on one basis and build relationships as well as give nursing care, I love it! I was able to send my oldest off to college, she is now starting her second year and doing really well.  I was also able to send my second oldest to China for a month on a cultural program. I would have never dreamed a few years ago these things would be possible!  I’m currently trying to locate an LPN to RN bridge program that I can attend while working, although I haven’t quite figured out the logistics of that yet. It’ll be tricky but it’s a big jump in pay and will open a lot of doors once I attain my RN.Thanks so much for all your help and thanks for following up.”

Start your own vocational service program now by taking your 2014 Arizona state tax credit donation to TRVFA. Make it a club project.  Go to, and click on “donate now”.  With the support of all Arizona Rotarians we can help enrich more lives for the future of Arizona.

For more information go to or contact me at .

2015-16 Youth Exchange Preparations


Rotary Youth Exchange is one of Rotary International’s signature programs, impacting some 8,000 high-achieving youth from around the World every year. We are gearing up for the 2015-16 RYE academic year by forming an outbound student selection committee to chose which high school applicants will represent our District, State, and Nation in foreign countries next year.  If your club would like to be involved with Rotary Youth Exchange next year, now is the perfect opportunity to assign a club representative to serve as your “Youth Exchange Officer” and be part of a fun and energetic team of district Rotarians who have a passion for youth, building international friendships, and promoting better understanding between nations.

For more information on how to become involved with Rotary Youth Exchange and our District RYE program, contact our D.5510 RYE Chair, Bill Beamish at (480) 390-4130, or at

Mexican/American Grants Conference and Friendship Exchange ‘14

Cuernavaca, Mexico See:

Rotary Nepopualco Water Tank 6

Cuernavaca is a quick one-hour drive from Mexico City. It is positioned on the South-facing slope of the volcano ring and daytime temperatures average about 75 degrees pretty much year-round. The semi-tropical capital of the state of Morelos has a population of more than 3 million but somehow it retains a small-town feel. Our districts have done a good number of projects with clubs in Cuernavaca. But one of my cherished conference memories revolves around a sanitary water project we did with Prescott Rotary’s sister club C.R. Tabachines. A short distance up the mountainside from Cuernavaca is a small, mostly indigenous village called Nepopualco. The Tabachines club previously set up a micro-credit bank that was providing funds for building low-cost housing for the poorest inhabitants of the village. The bank was interestingly run exclusively by village women. Because of the village’s geographic position, water wells were impossible to drill and the municipality had no local water system. Potable water was provided by truck. The village inhabitants were buying their water from the truck and storing it often in garbage pails, five gallon buckets and any other containers available to them. The Rotarians at the Tabachines club thought there had to be a better way. We agreed and applied for a matching grant to provide new 500-gallon cisterns the residents could use to buy greater volumes of water at reduced prices and store the water in sanitary conditions. Plus, water catchment placement systems were included for adding to the homes being built through the micro-credit bank. Read more