Club and District Leaders attend Membership Seminar


On Saturday, your club and district leaders attended a Membership Seminar in Marana, AZ presented by Zone 26 Regional Membership Coordinators Rod Belton and Wyn Spiller. Additionally, Rotary International Director Elect Brad Howard gave an inspiring presentation. He offered that perhaps “we have lost our way….and that we were not recognizing our own members” for all the good and humble things they do each day to improve the lives of others.

The Seminar provide points to consider for “focusing” our clubs to grow, attracting and engaging new members, and the all important ASK.

Let’s Celebrate – 22, no! Now 23 New Rotarians!!

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Last month I asked you to Light Up Rotary and you have certainly started the year off with a bang.  So far we have 23 new Rotarians in your clubs – so celebrate them, make them feel welcome, make them feel needed to do the great works of Rotary – be it locally or globally. Let’s see if we can get 20 more soon. Get them involved in your club projects and find out what their passion is and make that a project.  All of this will contribute to membership growth as we get more and more hands working on projects.  If your club has a project and not enough folks to do it right, consider partnering with one or more clubs.  They may be looking to do something as well. And don’t forget the vital Membership Seminar on August 9th in Marana.  The flyer can be viewed elsewhere on our district website.  Club presidents and membership chairs should consider attending this event. If you have been observing the district website recently, you noticed the youth activities that have made the front page. We have had 5 New Generation Exchange students here for 3 weeks.  What a delight they have been as they experienced what Arizona Rotarians have to offer.  I am confident they will take back to the Netherlands and to Germany many fond memories from their short visit.  Thank you Mike Casey from the Flagstaff Club for bringing this to fruition. Our Rotary Youth Exchange program, headed by Bill Beamish, is off to a great start with the arrival of 4 students who will be with us for the school year.  These students are from Belgium, Chile, Germany and Italy.  Get to know them and, more importantly, get involved.  Much help is needed to do this right.  I am sure you can and would appreciate your children being looked after in a foreign country by many Rotarians.  One or two Rotarians cannot do this, so I ask you to GET INVOLVED. Give Bill a call; he needs your help. These programs don’t exist without Rotarians and The Rotary Foundation (TRF).  The most recently TRF Monthly Contribution Report shows only 15 clubs with established goals.  I have asked the Assistant Governors to work with their clubs to update the data in Rotary Club Central for Membership, Service, and Foundation Goals.  Rotary Club Central is there to help you and your club administer to its members. All of this is intended to help you and your clubs become Vibrant Clubs.

DGN Tonya Watson Graduates from Leadership Academy

Tonya, LA

In a ceremony Saturday, July 26, 2014, Dr. Tonya L. Watson graduated from the Tri-District Leadership Academy.  As your District Governor Nominee, Tonya gave up much of any free time she had to complete this demanding course.  As she said, “It was hard, but I learned so much.  I will use all of this knowledge as I progress toward being your District Governor in 2016 – 2017.  DGN Tonya is pictured receiving her certificate from Leadership Academy Dean, PDG Sandy Goodsite.

Paul Harris: “Rotary is fundamentally an educational process.” (1946)
Recognizing the increasing demands on Rotary leaders’ time, as well as each Rotary district’s need to find the most capable and talented Rotarians within their widespread geographical boundaries, the Leadership Academy was created in 2004-05 by District 5510 as an exciting and innovative Internet-based approach to Rotary leadership training. In 2006-07, the Academy was expanded to become an Arizona Tri-District training program involving Districts 5490, 5500 and 5510 and governed by the Tri-District PETS committee. Through this vehicle, selected Past Club Presidents throughout these districts can obtain exceptional training at home, via their own computers, under the guidance of some of our most capable and experienced Past District Governors and senior Rotarians. They are able to work at their own pace and on their own schedules, within the guidelines of the program. The following Internet-based courses were offered during the 2014-2015 Rotary year:
  • Six modules coverThis online course is organized to recognize the need for statewide Rotary training beyond club leadership. We offer tools and information to enable any past club president to explore his/her passion for Rotary projects and leadership at the District, State and Zone levels.
  • ◊  Leadership Beyond the Club
  • ◊  Collaboration & Funding to Meet Needs
  • ◊  Understanding & Utilizing The Rotary Foundation
  • ◊  Building on a Heritage of Leadership & Accomplishments
  • ◊  Club Membership Growth & Retention
  • ◊  Rotary’s Fiduciary Responsibilities and Youth Protection


Leadership Beyond the Club A basic overview of District, Tri -district, Zone and International structures of Rotary. Understanding and Utilizing the Rotary Foundation An orientation to the programs of TRF, how they relate to Rotary International, and how they can be accessed and utilized by Rotary clubs to accomplish their goals. Collaboration and Funding to Meet Needs Helping leaders to think outside the box regarding tackling and funding larger needs that are beyond the abilities and resources of a single club, and often require extending beyond a single Rotary year.
Second Semester(January, February and March)
Building on a Heritage of Leadership and Accomplishments A review of who your District Leaders have been and what your District has accomplished so far. Club and Membership Growth and Retention Examining what attracts people to Rotary Clubs and keep members interested and active. Rotary’s Fiduciary Responsibilities What are a Rotary club’s responsibilities to its members, its contributors, its community, the government and to Rotary International? How can liabilities be evaluated and minimized?
In addition, there is required participation in certain district meetings and some additional assignments such as the following examples to be completed:

  1. An International Home Hosting Experience — involving one or more of the following:
    • Hosting a Group Study Exchange team member or leader
    • Hosting a Rotary Youth Exchange student
    • Hosting a Rotary Friendship Exchange participant
    • Hosting a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar
    • Hosting some other visiting international Rotarian or Rotary leader
  2. Tri-District Arizona Rotary Participation — involving two or more of the following:
    • Participation in Arizona Tri-District PETS, SETS & More
    • Participation in the Arizona Rotary Vocational Fund Board Meeting or help Initiate a Scholarship Application
    • Attending an Arizona Rotary Gift of Life-Arizona Board Meeting
    • Hosting an Arizona Rotary Gift of Life-Arizona recipient child and parent
  3. Rotary District Participation — involving three or more of the following:
  • Attend a District Rotary Foundation Seminar or • Dinner •
  • Attend a District Membership Seminar •
  • Attend a District Finance Committee Meeting •A Past Club President must be nominated by one of the following:
Attend a District Club Assembly Attend a District Conference Serve as an Assistant Governor Write an article for the District Newsletter
Current District Governor, Past District Governor, Current Assistant Governor, Current Club President or a Graduate of theLeadership Academy Note: There is a $100.00 tuition fee to cover costs of the program, which is due with the Letter of Understanding and Nomination Form. Should you drop out prior to August 15, the $100.00 will be refunded, but not after that date.